If there was someone running for mayor that Charlie Taylor believed in, he would happily back them.

But he doesn’t trust the politics and motivations of the leading candidates, so he’s running himself.

“I’m not in it for the position or the power,” said Taylor. “I’m in it because there are problems in the city that need to be addressed and Ottawa needs to have someone who is not beholden to corporations or developers and unions.”

Taylor wants to be an advocate of sustainability in all fields — economic, environmental and social.

If a policy is not sustainable indefinitely, another solution must be found, he said.

Despite reservations over the cost of the downtown tunnel, Taylor is in favour of the current rapid transit plan, he said, because the city needs light rail as soon as possible and it cannot afford to go back to the drawing board.

Taylor is also opposed to the universal bus pass for students, because he believes students who walk and cycle should not have to subsidize students who take the bus.

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