People came to McCauley School last night for a common purpose. They were there for education and for their kids.

The inner-city school is facing a potential closure and community members and parents were invited out to a public meeting to get information, ask questions and get answers.

“These people are very much concerned about their community and their school,” said Edmonton Public Schools’ board chair, Don Fleming.

“They value the work that goes on in their school and they want to make sure it continues.”

That decision will be made on April 13 but in the meantime, Fleming said, the focus is on the students.

“We have to make a decision that’s based on the best interests of the kids,” he said.

“Whatever we decide to do we have to make sure that we provide the best learning opportunities for the students in this school.”

As far as Jamie Moore is concerned, the best interests of the students are at McCauley School.

“McCauley is still my home away from home,” said the 15-year-old who attended the school from kindergarten to Grade 9. “I have teachers here that still support me. I can come for advice or just to socialize. It would just be a tragedy if it closed.”

Moore said she comes back to the school that she graduated from last year at least once a week.

“A lot of the support that people give when you’re here is just really inspiring,” she said. “It’s an awesome community.”

Just over 200 students are currently enrolled at McCauley School.

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