McDonald's on Tuesday began serving breakfast all day, reportedly in an effort toreverse declines in domestic sales.

Breakfast remains the only segment delivering strong growth at the fast-food chain,according to aNBC Newsreport.

Breakfast visits jumped 5 percent in the year ending in June, while lunch increased by only 1 percent, according to data from the NPD Group referenced in the NBC article.

"Breakfast has been such a growth area because consumers feel it's a good way to jumpstart their day. It's a lower priced occasion. Especially for fast food, it's convenient," said Bonnie Riggs, a NPD restaurant industry analyst who was quoted by NBC News.


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As McDonald's retools its breakfast offerings into a pared-down version of its complete menu, Riggs said its strategy will likely have limited downside, according to NBC."The only potential risk is it's a growth opportunity, but it could cannibalize other menu items," she was quoted.

According to a related ABC News report, McGriddle sandwiches, bagel sandwiches, cinnamon melts and Big Breakfast platters will not be included on the new menu. On a market-by-market basis, some items that might not be available include Egg White Delight McMuffins or steak, egg and cheese McMuffins.

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Despite these limitations, reactions on Twitter have been decidely positive with #AllDayBreakfast trending heavily Tuesday morning. User @CoreyAllenTate said, "I'm way more excited about #AllDayBreakfast than the #2016Election," while @ThisBeLiz relayed, "#AllDayBreakfast means you can cure your hangover no matter how late you wake up the next day." @ExcitableBob was perhaps most enthusiastic, with "#AllDayBreakfast starts today: I've been waiting 40 years for this."

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