Africentric schools like segregation, premier says

Premier Dalton McGuinty is urging Torontonians to pressure their school board trustees into overturning a controversial decision to create a black-focused school.

While stressing his disappointment in Toronto District School Board trustees, McGuinty conceded he would not amend the Education Act to outlaw something he has likened to segregation.


"The good news for Torontonians is they have now 18 months ... to put a stop to this," the premier told reporters yesterday.

"Do they really feel strongly about this? Well, then they should speak to their duly elected representatives and tell them how strongly they are opposed to this proposal."

Trustees voted 11-9 on Tuesday night in favour of an Africentric school to open in September 2009.

Still, mindful his Liberals were re-elected last year thanks largely to an unpopular Progressive Conservative plan to fund faith-based schools, McGuinty expressed frustration with trustees.

"I am disappointed with the board’s decision. I don’t support it and we won’t fund it. I don’t doubt for a moment the sincerity of the motivation of the trustees involved in making this decision," he said.

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