Premier Dalton McGuinty is promising to provide taxpayers with regular reports on how his government is spending their money — a move critics say is meant to defuse voter outrage over rising household bills.

McGuinty refused yesterday to divulge what the reports would contain or how often they would be delivered, saying only that he’s assigned the task to Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.

It’s unclear how they would differ from the government’s annual “progress reports,” which provide information on everything from health-care wait times to new jobs to infrastructure spending.

A spokeswoman for the premier said the reports will be updates on “managing the books” and won’t be in book form like the progress reports.

Ontario’s economy has improved since the recession, but there’s still a lot of “uncertainty” about the province’s future, the premier said.

Asked if the reports are meant to deflect opposition attacks over rising household bills, the premier bristled.

“They’re the only ones on the planet who believe that somehow we started the global recession in Ontario and must take full responsibility for that,” he said.

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