Ald. Ric McIver is applauding a move by Police Chief Rick Hanson, who called for an independent review of the city’s emergency dispatch services.

Although he said the services have made a lot of improvements recently, McIver, a former member of the city’s police commission, said he would welcome an audit, which would put both the 911 and the non-emergency (403-266-1234) services under the microscope.

“I don’t see it as a negative thing … I hope everybody looks at it that way because Calgarians will benefit from the information if the audit is done,” he said, adding that the call centres deliver “very valuable information to the officers when they’re at calls as to who lives there.”

The crucial information they receive often includes whether or not the suspect has a violent criminal record, and he said an audit would simply be a positive step towards further improving the safety of Calgarians and the officers that serve them.

“I think the audit will, if it’s done, provide for valuable data which will be useful for (improving safety,” he said.

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