Ald. Ric McIver wants to see city council consider cost when making decisions that affect Calgary.

In what he says is a “common-sense” move, McIver will put forward a motion for today’s meeting to make it mandatory for council to understand and approve costs to the city — and ultimately the taxpayer — for any motion before agreeing to go forward with it.

“We’ll shop like any of the taxpayers,” he said. “We won’t buy it before we know the price.”
McIver described his motion as just “one more line on the report” by administration when looking for council’s approval on an issue.

He says it’s important “now, because the economy is tough for some people, but it’s always important (to know the costs).”

“I’m hoping it will get approved with very little decision,” he said. “... I’ve heard from a few members of council that they think it’s a good idea, but we’ll see (today) if that adds up to eight.”

There was a motion at the last meeting to give council tax costs, but he’d like to see it required to be part of the initial approval process.