Canadians will get another chance to see a member of the Canadian Olympic team compete when Brian McKeever takes part in the biathlon at the Paralympics.

McKeever was a member of the Canadian Olympic cross-country team, but did not compete because Canada was given a limited number of spots. He suffers from macular degeneration and will participate in the Paralympics.

Biathlon events are sorted into classifications based on disability. Sitting, standing and visually impaired.

Sitting skiers are paraplegic or have amputations in the lower half of the body. The main difference is the equipment. The skis are shorter, with the bindings attached to a chair for the athlete to sit in.

Standing skiers can have a range of motion disabilities, including amputations in the upper or lower body, and use the same equipment as able body skiers.

Visually impaired biathletes use the same skiing equipment as able-bodied skiers, but have a guide to get around the course and orient them when aiming for the shooting targets.

Visually impaired athlete’s rifles are electronic and emit a high-pitch tone that gets higher as the athlete’s aim nears the target.

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