Captor likened self to Robin Hood, kidnap victim says

Graham McMynn testified yesterday that one of his kidnappers likened himself to Robin Hood and was "taking from the rich and giving to the poor."

McMynn also said that the kidnapper — whom he referred to as "the leader" of the group — said he had been bullied in Grade 8 and once brought his brother’s gun to school.


The 24-year-old also said that at one point, a "Chinese-accented guy" brought into the house a girl whom McMynn thought to be the kidnapper’s girlfriend but jokingly introduced her as a "sex slave."

McMynn, who was blindfolded, engaged in conversation with the girl, who said she was a good person but couldn’t help him or else the kidnappers would hurt her too.

McMynn also spoke again about the kidnappers targeting him because of his parents’ wealth.

"I told them that my family had just gone through a bankruptcy thing where they sold half their business," said McMynn.

"His view was that they still had half their business and they could sell that and pay the ransom."

day three

  • Yesterday was the third day of an expected four-month trial in the case of the University of B.C. student who was kidnapped by five men and held for eight days in April 2006.

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