Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil isn’t losing sleep over an internal email urging party members to vote him out.

Party heads are scrambling to discover how someone sent out an anonymous email slamming McNeil to a mailing list of all Liberal party members. Even MLAs are not privy to that list.

McNeil is up for a leadership review this month.

He said yesterday the party is working to find out who sent the message.

“It’s less about the content of the email than it is the fact that it was a breached party email,” he told reporters.

“People provide you with information, they want it protected, they want it respected. Obviously someone felt that they didn’t want to play by those rules.”

The email mirrors an earlier website that quotes negative press clippings on McNeil and asks members whether they think he’ll be able to win the next election.

“One email unsigned, and one email no one’s taking credit for — which are probably linked together — I wouldn’t consider that anything to lose sleep over,” said McNeil.

“If someone has an issue with me, I urge them to step up. I urge them to come forward.”

He joked with reporters that he’s developed a thick skin over the last three years, and noted there was widespread discontent with John Hamm’s leadership shortly before he went on to be a two-term premier.

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