For 12 years, Toronto’s poor have eaten in the tony recesses of Osgoode Hall.

The Lawyers Feed The Hungry program dishes out more than 2,000 meals every week — dinner Wednesday and Friday, and breakfast Thursday and Sunday. Diners also get a bagged meal to take with them.

Except this week, when the needs of international dignitaries trump the needs of the city’s hungry.

Although the corner of University Avenue and Queen Street is north of the official G20 security perimeter, the potential for traffic snarls and general upheaval has prompted Osgoode Hall to discourage non-essential visits to the building.

Which means its dining room wasn’t open Sunday for the 350 people who eat breakfast, and it will be shut Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

“The G20 is affecting more than our entertainment options and traffic patterns,” said David Bronskill, a partner at Goodmans who has volunteered with the program for a decade.

“This means that people who have to budget very carefully are not going to have a much-needed source of food and nutrition for almost 10 days.”

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