Bigger building to help food service expand programs



robin kuniski/for metro calgary


MLA Greg Melchin, left, Calgary Meals on Wheels board president Anne Kleffner and Calgary deputy mayor Joe Ceci help celebrate the acquisition of the Calgary Meals on Wheels’ new 32,000-square-foot building at 225-58 Ave SE.

Starting as a volunteer 14 years ago, Calgary Meals on Wheels board president Anne Kleffner has seen firsthand the growth of the food delivery service in the city.

So it comes as no surprise the gratification Kleffner feels with the acquisition of a new building that is nearly two-and-a-half times the size of the 14,000-square-foot building they are crammed into right now.

“It really means just being able to do more different things,” Kleffner said.

“It allows us more opportunity to do other programs like that where we’re helping to feed people.”

Kleffner points out the need to deliver services to more than just seniors and convalescents and she told Metro yesterday at the unveiling of the new 32,000-square-foot building that they will be able to expand their programs to the working homeless and area schools — something that puts immense strain on their current space.

The new space, located at 225 – 58 Ave SE, will allow the service to expand freezer space, kitchen space, dry goods storage space and more office space.

With Calgary’s continued growth, alderman and deputy mayor Joe Ceci, said the new building will help Meals on Wheels meet its current and future program needs.

“The ability to have a building where they can grow for the next 30 or 40 years really speaks well of their ability to meet their business plan objective and it’ll really assist Calgarians,” said Ceci.

Money matters

  • The City of Calgary doled out $1.5 million for the $9- million building, with the province kicking in $5 million and an anonymous donor making a $1.5 million commitment.