A controversial goal to increase aboriginal attendance at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine to four per cent could potentially take away seats for other students.

But Aboriginal Health Program co-ordinator Tim Patterson says there is a strong need for aboriginal medical professionals.

“We need to bring aboriginal perspectives to health and medicine,” he said.

“Given the diversity of our population, more diversity in medicine is a good thing.”

A 3.2 GPA and completion of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) are required to even be considered for acceptance as a medical student at U of C. One option to ensure aboriginal acceptance is to be flexible on those standards.

Patterson visited Mount Royal, which is transitioning to become a university, yesterday. He wanted to get student and faculty views on aboriginal admissions.

Mount Royal students expressed that many aboriginals have insight into the cultural element of healing, but can’t seem to find a post-secondary institute they would like to go to.

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