Matthew Grossi has quickly learned that family doctors need to know a little bit about of everything.

The first-year University of Calgary medical student has been taking part in a new course that aims to draw more aspiring doctors into a career in family medicine.

“I think that some people are more generalists than they are specialists,” Grossi said.

“They would rather know a lot about some little thing than know not a lot about lots of different things.”

Course chair Dr. David Keegan has been instructing Grossi the past few months.

He said the course helps meet the faculty’s mission of graduating the right blend of doctors to address Albertans’ needs.

“There’s a lot of research that shows you need a strong primary care system to be able to have a cost-effective system that has great quality,” Keegan added.

Grossi, meanwhile, said he has yet to decide whether family medicine is the right choice for him.

“I have a long time to go and a lot of things I have yet to see,” he said.

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