This bizarre-looking man might look very ugly, but this is how humans would need to evolve to survive road accidents. Graham – “the only person designed to survive on our roads” – is the ambassador for the Victoria Transport Accident Commission’s road safety project in Australia. He is designed to highlight how susceptible the human body is to highspeed collisions.

“Graham is an educational tool that will serve the community for years to come as a reminder of why we need to develop a safer road system that will protect us when things go wrong.” said TAC chief executive officer Joe Calafiore.

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Between January and June, 151 people died in Victoria, Australia in road accidents, a 15.3 percent increase on last year’s tally.


Built to last, Graham is the work of Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini. The artist collaborated with a trauma surgeon and road safety engineer to create a body that can withstand a high-speed crash. He’s made from silicone, fibreglass, resin and human hair. He has no neck to prevent fractures; his huge chest acts like an airbag; and his flat face protects his nose and ears. His knees bend in all directions.

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