We get it. The news can be hard to take, especially in today’s … climate. Sometimes you just need to breathe and read a Trump-free post.

So allow us to introduce you to Norbert, a 7-year-old, three-pound mixed breed pup that is a registered therapy dog who lives in Los Angeles with his mom, Julie Steines.

It’s impossible to look at Norbert and not smile.

He has a derpy little tongue, can give high fives, is the subject of an award-winning children’s book series and — sit down for this —calls his website the NORBERTHOOD. Honestly can you BE any cuter, Norbert?


Actually, yes. Fans can purchase a Norbert plush for $30 (including shipping) via his website, and for every one that’s bought, one is donated to Toys for Tots. CAN’T EVEN.

Thank you for being you, Norbert. The kids love you, and so do we.

Now let us leave you with just a few videos of this little breath of fresh air.

a mighty bark

A video posted by NORBERT (@norbertthedog) on

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