frog fish Got a frog in your throat? This fish did.
Credit: Provided

Meet the perch that literally had a frog in its throat. Angler Angus James was left gobsmacked when he discovered a green tree frog inside the mouth of the fish he caught in northern Queensland, Australia. James tells Metro about the moment he realized something fishy was going on.


Metro: The frog had just survived being eaten and you had just pulled off this amazing catch, so who had the bigger smile?


We both had pretty big smiles but I reckon his was bigger after he’d jumped out of the fish’s mouth.


It looks like the frog was hitching a jaw-side ride. But what actually happened?


The perch must have just eaten the frog like a minute before I caught it. Normally fish like that go for smaller insects but maybe he was stocking up.

When did you realize that you’d caught a 2-for-1?

I wasn’t sure what it was at first – it looked like a splodge of green. Then as I was removing the lure from the perch's mouth, the frog blinked. That’s when I noticed what it was, and I quickly reached for my camera before it leaped over my shoulder.

You must have cat-like reactions to have managed to get your camera out in time.

I used to be in the military, so I reckon the training kicked in. I whipped the camera out of my webbing [bag] and took the pic. But it wasn’t til later that I realized just how funny the smiling frog looked.

The frog must have been pretty happy with its lucky escape. Have you ever saved anything from the jaws of death before?

Funnily enough, when I was a kid one of my fondest memories is of saving tree frogs by picking them up off the road and into a bucket. Then I’d release them into the safety of the bush.

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