Meet the latest iPhone travel app

SPUN shows you what's hot.

SPUN, a new iPhone travel app, wants you to travel like a local.


Next time you hit a new destination, forget spending hours searching through Google to find a certain neighborhood's hotspot. Using your exact location, SPUN "crowdsources" from various media sources, from mainstream publications to blogs, to cull the latest information and buzz about a certain area, like dining, lifestyle, news and culture. It will help you map a
destination and sends reminders to your phone when you are in the
vicinity of a place you've marked as a must-see spot. Spun then learns your likes and mobile history, thereby streamlining the information it sends you for future use.


One of the app’s co-founders, Scott Lindenbaum, says that he and co-creator Andy Hunter designed the app with simplicity in mind. In fact it’s so easy to use that it doesn’t even feature any buttons.

“It’s all about making it easy, it’s not that you can’t go and get this stuff somewhere else, you can, " he notes. "But the thing is you don’t have the time, so we collect the great content for you.”


The app is now live in eleven cities including New York, Boston, Miami and Austin and the duo plans to expand to more cities and platforms in the future. For more information, go to


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