Re-introducing The Expendables’ Old Guard


Sylvester Stallone — King of the 80’s Action Movie, Sly is best known for Rambo, Rocky and, of course, that arm-wrestling action hero in Over the Top.


Dolph Lundgren Recognized as Sly’s Russian nemesis Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, Lundgren also starred in Masters of the Universe and The Punisher (1989).


Bruce Willis — Willis made the jump from TV to movies with 1988’s Die Hard — which spun-off three successful sequels.

Eric Roberts — Roberts was introduced to action movies with 1989’s Best of the Best — a sort of Rocky with martial arts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger — Stallone’s main rival as ‘80s action hero, Arnie made such hits as Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator and Commando.

Mickey Rourke — Although he began as a dramatic actor, Rourke dipped his toe into the action genre with thrillers like Double Team with Jean-Claude Van Damme.