What would the perfect gift be for Mother’s Day this year? Another lovely card, some flowers, perfume, or maybe a personally homemade craft?

Of course, we want to find a way to thank mom for all the many things she does for us. And once Mother’s Day is over, she’s usually left with gifts, photos and — as with other special occasions — mementoes of one kind or another that mom feels she ought to hang onto.

Why are we compelled to keep stashes of such treasures. Well, when it comes to mothers, I often think they end up holding on to so many mementoes because they want to have something to show for all the time, effort and energy they have put into their family.

For example, a macaroni necklace might be one of the many items stashed in your sentimental bin. Yes, it brings back valuable memories. But at some point, years’ worth of mementoes must be dealt with, because you’re simply running out of storage space.

An additional complication is that mothers — who are frequently strapped for time to begin with — feel pressure to store all those mementoes for scrapbooking purposes.

Scrapbooking is like duplication to me. You have to creatively capture an event or moment that you already experienced. My goodness, who has the time??

So, unfortunately, moms rarely get around to the project. I find the unfinished scrapbooking project always seems to be at the bottom of moms’ to-do lists. I?also know that never-ending projects are self-defeating.

So mothers, give yourself a break! Don’t create unnecessary projects you don’t have time for. One client I worked with revamped her scrapbooking plans and created a piece of art. She picked her favourite keepsakes and created a 10x8 framed collage. Then she took digital pictures of some of her children’s works of art, and recycled nearly all the 15 bins she’d been storing for five years. She loved what she’d made and feels good every time she looks at the finished project. No regrets or guilt.

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