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Memoir depicts Palin as obsessed with media, image

Former aide uses e-mails to paint far-from-flattering picture of her time as Alaska's governor.

A former aide has written a scathing book that portrays Sarah Palin's intense focus on image and depiction in the media according to Politico.com

The politics site has obtained the unpublished memoir, which it says "reveals Palin, as a candidate for governor, penning letters-to-the-editor in praise of herself, to be sent under other names. It blames the candidate for inflaming, rather than ignoring, scurrilous rumors. And it quotes her pledging to avoid appearing on any network other than Fox News, referring to the rest as 'the bad guys.'"

Politico says that a Palin ally paint the author — Frank Bailey — as being “the quintessential disgruntled employee” who had been denied senior jobs he sought, cut out of Palin’s vice presidential campaign, and been caught up in the “Troopergate” scandal.

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