Tory says close loss spurs momentum

The close Conservative loss to the Liberals in the Quadra byelection is a tremendous win, Tory candidate Deborah Meredith said last night.

"This will give us momentum for the next round, which might not be far off."


In 2006, the Liberals won Quadra with 50 per cent of the vote. This year, the win was down to 37 per cent, with the Conservatives following by a scant 3 per cent.

Liberal candidate Joyce Murray will be heading to Ottawa, but if the federal Liberals declare a vote of non-confidence to bring the current minority Conservative government down, it would spur an election.

When asked if Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s failure to campaign ahead of the byelection could have affected the results, Meredith said she doesn’t think so.

"The problem with a prime minister coming to a Quadra campaign is it’s a distraction ... We’re happy with the support he has given us."

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