I’ve been on a quest for the best fish ’n’ chips in Ottawa. I have tried a few restaurants and am still looking for perfection. But the fish ’n’ chips at Merivale Fish Market come close. They weren’t too greasy, were crispy when cut into, and the halibut wasn’t fishy but fresh and flaky.


On the side, the fries were okay, but not as crispy as a fry fiend demands. The coleslaw was impressive. It wasn’t too sharp from the vinegar but was balanced with its dressing.


We enjoyed a lunch on the patio on one of our nice warm summer days. Although the ambiance of Merivale isn’t like the sea, it will do for a quick work lunch.


One question: Do you eat the fish with your fingers or a fork and knife? In mixed company, I’ll politely use a knife and fork to eat my deep-fried fish, but if no one’s looking, it tastes better eaten out of hand.