The Rev. Kevin Wallin used a sex store to launder meth sales profit, prosecutors sFacebook, Metro compilation

A Catholic priest at the center of a nationwide meth ring that he operated out of a Conn. sex shop is hoping for a little help from the crypt Tuesday.

Cardinal Edward Egan wrote a letter asking a judge to go easy on Kevin Wallin, who pleaded guilty in 2013.

The former Archbishop of New York died earlier this month and was interred in the crypt beneath the altar at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Wallin, 63, who was suspended from duties at St. Augustine Parish in Bridgeport, Connecticut, two years ago when church leaders learned he turned the rectory into a swinging gay orgy sex den, where he would dress as a lady.


He is set to be sentenced Tuesday. Egan's letter is one of 80 written by Wallin's supporters and sent to a judge,

He laundered his ill-gotten gains through a sex emporium in North Haven, Connecticut, that sold porn, sex toys, and other unmentionables.

It was called, the “Land of Oz & Dorothy’s Place.”

Yes. It was. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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