Toronto, March 17, 2010 - While most people are drinking beer and wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Metro Canada is celebrating for a different reason. Metro Canada’s readership has continued to grow, making it the most read national daily newspaper in Canada, according to results released today by the Newspaper Audience Databank (NADbank).

Metro Canada now reaches 1,293,100 daily and 2,764,500 weekly readers coast to coast in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. In comparison to NADbank 2008 results, this represents an increase of 142,900 readers, or +12 percent daily and 285,500, or +12 percent weekly readers. In fact, Metro Canada reaches more adults 18+ than the Globe and Mail and National Post combined*.

“The NADbank results confirm that Metro continues to resonate with our readers: 1.3 million YAMs (young, active metropolitans) every day of the week, coast to coast. The local market results are reflective of our continued distribution and editorial focus, as seen in the Toronto EMA, where Metro is now read by more than a half million readers daily and 1 million readers weekly, and the highest increases in the market in Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa.” said Bill McDonald, Group Publisher for Metro English Canada.

Highlights from Metro Canada’s publication readership results compared to 2008 include:


  • Metro Halifax daily readership is stable at 42,800 readers. Weekly readership has increased by 5 percent to 118,600 readers.

  • Metro Montreal daily readership is up by 4 percent to 337,300 readers. Weekly is up by 7 percent 667,900 readers.

  • Metro Montreal maintains its position as the #1 read newspaper on the Island of Montreal.

  • Metro Ottawa had the highest market increase of any paper in the Ottawa market, where daily readership increased by 32 percent or 19,500 readers to 81,000.

  • Metro Toronto now reaches more than a half million readers daily and 1 million weekly in the EMA, the highest percent growth of any daily newspaper in Toronto.

    • Metro Toronto’s readership in the Toronto CMA increased by 8 percent to 485,900 daily readers.

    • Metro Toronto reaches more readers in the City of Toronto than the Sun & 24 hours combined.

    • City of Toronto readership increased to 359,900 from 330,700 daily readers.

  • Metro Calgary daily readership is up by 20 percent to 60,000 and weekly is up by 19 percent to 146,100, experiencing the highest increase of any daily newspaper in the market.

  • Metro Edmonton daily readership increased by 6 percent to 53,000 and weekly increased by 14 percent to 138,200 readers.

  • Metro Vancouver had the highest increases in readers and percent growth in the market, where Metro’s daily readership increased by 41 percent to 196,000 readers and weekly readership increased by 19 percent to 431,200 readers.

    • For the 2nd year in a row Metro Vancouver had the highest increase compared to any other weekday daily newspaper in the country

SOURCE: NADbank 2009; Halifax CMA, Montreal CMA, Ottawa-Gatineau CMA, Toronto EMA, Calgary CMA, Edmonton CMA, Vancouver CMA; weekly refers to 5-day CUME, daily refers to “read yesterday” ; *National Post and Globe and Mail combined weekday reach is 1,197,500, all market summary
National number includes Halifax EMA

About Metro
Metro is the nation’s No. 1 free national daily newspaper brand and the first national daily to publish in both official languages. In Canada, Metro editions are published in: Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Metro targets YAMs (young, active, metropolitans) and reaches more than 1.3 million readers daily and 2.8 million over the course of a week.

Metro is the largest international newspaper in the world. Metro is published in over 100 major cities in 20 countries across Europe, North & South America and Asia. Metro has a unique global reach - attracting
a young, active, well-educated, metropolitan audience of over 17 million daily readers.

For further information please contact:
Bill McDonald
Group Publisher, Metro English Canada
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