Readership up to 950,000: Report

Metro has maintained its position as Canada’s No. 1 free daily newspaper, according to results released yesterday by the Newspaper Audience Databank (NADbank).

Metro Canada now reaches 950,000 readers every weekday in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. This represents an increase of 12 per cent, or 104,000 more readers over NADbank results in 2006. Metro Canada’s national readership increased among adults 18-34 by 21 per cent (compared to 2006) and adults 18-49 by 20 per cent (compared to 2006).


According to NADbank, paid daily newspaper readership in Calgary declined as the Calgary Herald’s average weekday readership fell from 292,400 to 256,900 — a decrease of 12 per cent. The Calgary Sun also decreased from 197,900 to 155,600 — a drop of 21 per cent.

In the 25-34 age range, the Sun showed a decline of readership of 51 per cent, while the Herald fell 38 per cent in the same age category in comparison to NADbank 2006 results.

"It’s clear many readers no longer feel it’s necessary to purchase or subscribe to a daily newspaper when they can get this kind of quality for free," said Metro Alberta publisher Steve Shrout.

The NADbank results coincide with Metro Calgary’s first birthday celebration. Readership results for Calgary will be released within a year.

Shrout said the reaction to Metro in Calgary has been amazing.

"I think Calgarians have really embraced the Metro concept of getting the news they need in a condensed format. Readers have responded positively to our promoters handing it out on the street.

"Calgarians have made Metro part of their daily routine."

Shrout added that Metro has embraced and participated in city initiatives, such as the Metro Enviro Team, who ride the trains and walk the city core to pick up newspaper litter.

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