Treat yourself to a Cipherism-style afternoon by combining both cultural adventures.


Start your day browsing for stylish soles along the chi chi strip of Bloor (between Yonge and University). You’ll find tootsie treasures from the affordable (Aldo at 50 Bloor St. W.) to the take-out-a-second-mortgage spectacular (Davids at 66 Bloor St. W.). Then follow your freshly-clad feet to the Bata Shoe Museum (327 Bloor St. W.) for a showcase of art-wear you unfortunately cannot purchase in the gift shop.


At night, grab a stack of Wong Kar Wai films (Collin’s picks include Fallen Angels, In the Mood For Love) from Film Fest DVD Rental (406 Duplex Ave.) Pop some popcorn, put your tired feet up, and enjoy.