Fastest growing local daily in Lower Mainland

Vancouver readers are hungry for news and Metro seems to be serving just the right portions.

Metro Vancouver showed the largest percentage growth of all local Lower Mainland daily newspapers over NADbank 2006.


According to the Newspaper Audience Databank Inc. (NADbank) annual study, Metro Vancouver’s read yesterday readership increased by 18 per cent in 2007. 24 hours’ readership grew by 7 per cent, The Province lost 16 per cent of its readers and The Vancouver Sun lost 6 per cent.

"These numbers speak to the fact that Vancouverites continue to accept and embrace our free daily format," said publisher Maryse Lalonde. "Metro continues to entrench itself into people’s daily lives by providing them an entertaining, trusted and relevant news source."

In terms of weekly readership, Metro is the only local daily to show growth.

— Metro Vancouver: 17 per cent

— 24 hours: 0 per cent

— The Province: -7 per cent

— The Vancouver Sun: -5 per cent

Across Canada, Metro continues to lead as the best-read free daily with 950,000 readers in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

"Metro enjoyed terrific results across the board in Canada," Lalonde said. "Metro saw huge double digit growth in its English Canada markets and is proud to boast a 12 per cent increase for Metro Canada as a whole."

Metro is also published in Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax, but newspaper readership results for Metro in those markets are not expected to be available until 2009.

readership rises

Readers aged 18 to 49:

  • Metro 30%

  • 24 hours 8%

Readers with a household income of $100K+

  • Metro 30%

  • The Province 4%.

Female readers

  • Metro 26%

  • The Sun -2%.

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