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Metro readers sound off on newsmaker nominees

Here’s what you had to say about some of the votes you cast in our Newsmaker of the Year poll:

Here’s what you had to say about some of the votes you cast in our Newsmaker of the Year poll:


Rob Ford. No contest. From laughing stock to Mayor in 9 mos. Love him or hate him, he’s all T.O. has talked about since March. (@rwindeler)

Of course Robert Ford rocked my 2010. I can’t wait to see what kind of government he will do. Some of his promises are just so impossible to achieve that I am dying to see how his government ends! (Cristian Renteria)


Drizzzy!! He brought out Rick Ross, Fabolous, Kardinal Offishall, Bun B, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z and Eminem to his OVO concert at the amphitheater. Rob Ford only gave us Don Cherry. (Kevin Roddy)


#g20 protesters only if not portrayed by black bloc and burning cop cars. Otherwise the wrong story is highlighted. (@n_citycountry)


My newsmaker of the year would have to be the Metro Toronto police, during the G20 summit.… The political, economic and social ramifications of the G20 security issue has and will forever change our image as Canadians, at home and abroad.

It appears the secrecy, deceit and deception by the police and the provincial government of Ontario will have far-reaching consequences for all those involved.… The suffering many protesters witnessed or endured first-hand will never be forgotten.

Bravo to all those, whether they be amateur citizens or professionals in the media, who documented the evidence needed to secure and protect the rights of average Canadians caught in the middle of the G20 protest. (Michael Bradt)


It has to be Cito Gaston. I have always admired Cito. Then he said goodbye! His farewell speech was wonderful. Class act to the end! (Karen Maxwade)


Throughout the hype of his Waving Flag song at the 2010 World Cup (which I LOVE), he was a proud ambassador of Canada and Canadian values: humble, kind, appreciative, hard-working and talented. Not bad for a boy who fled Somalia as a teenager, seeking a better life in Canada!

K’naan is an inspiration for refugees everywhere around the world, or anyone struggling to make a new start — look where his hard work and perseverance led him! (Alison Jones)


There seems to be no better candidate than Hurricane Hazel for Metro newsmaker of the year!

A visionary who has transformed the little city of Mississauga into a model city in the GTA.…

Her passion for her city and people are reflected by the way she runs up the stairs for a meeting and the fiery speeches delivered by her. She has a very proactive approach and also believes in community engagement in accomplishing goals toward building Mississauga as a future haven for all cultures. (Annie Mathew)

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