Gibson vs. Bale
They both had notorious outbursts, and now Christian Bale and Mel Gibson are facing off in cyberspace with their own mash-up video. It features excerpts from the recently releases Gibson phone tapes, and Bale’s angry tirade on the Terminator set. Here's the video, but be warned — the language is pretty graphic:

Joe Fresh’s bath collection
The popular brand has expanded again, this time into the world of bath products. Joe Fresh recently unveiled a $2 line of glycerin soaps available in six scents — the bars look vibrantly colourful, too. Also introduce? A selection of body butters enriched with Vitamin E. Both are available in a variety of scents, including nectarine, lime, and pomegranate.

Timothy’s Fruit Smoothies
Acai Berry’s rise to the top of the food chain continues, this time at Timothy’s World Coffee. The superfood is headlining a new line of fruit smoothies at the coffeehouse, with other flavours available in Mango, Strawberry-Banana, and Four Berries.

9-5 Laptop Sleeve
Looking for a way to stand out from all the suits and skirts in your office? Maybe just want to add a bit of personality to that otherwise serious office look? This shirt-and-tie laptop sleeve from Barry’s Farm keeps things formal, but with a hint of whimsy that will make an impression. It even comes with a real pocket to hold that pencil and pen. $35 US.

Hello Kitty
Believe it or not, but everyone’s favourite Japanese export is celebrating her 35th anniversary this year. Lady Gaga recently did a photo shoot wearing a Hello Kitty-inspired outfit for Bravo (it apparently features 50 pounds of crystals). For those looking for a less blingy way of celebrating, Flik Flak will release a selection of brightly coloured Hello Kitty watches this falls.

The Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan buddy cop film hits stores on Tuesday. Kevin Smith directed the duo, and the release features never-before-seen outtakes and extras, as well as a picture-in-picture featuring Smith and Sean William Scott.

Sci-fi remixes
Blame the popularity of vampires for this one. It seems all the ghouls, ghosts and sci-fi mainstays are coming out of the literary closet. The newest lot to hit shelves include Android Karenina — where robots have joined Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel — and Paul is Undead, which reinterprets The Beatles as the walking dead. Oh, and did we mention Yoko Ono is actually an eighth-level ninja!

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