World Cup Soccer

One of the most popular sports returns, and this time South Africa is hosting the world’s best soccer, um, football players. The FIFA World Cup Trophy, which is handed out once every four years, is one of the most desired in sports.

The Bearded Gentleman

With summer vacations here, why not cut back on the shaving and learn to style your facial hair? This book provides tips on how to avoid some of the nasties — like in-grown hairs — and how to achieve a groomed look if you do decide to sprout some whiskers.

Youth in Revolt
Everyone’s favourite Canadian actor, Michael Cera, hits the video store shelves with Youth in Revolt on Tuesday. Cera plays Nick Twisp, who creates an alter ego to help him win over the ladies.

Lady Gaga’s Alejandro
Launched at noon last Tuesday, Gaga’s newest video became the top trending topic in Canada — if not the world. There was so much Twittering about the video — it sounds like a cross between Ace of Bass and Madonna, with a futuristic Vogue look — it crashed the website.

Love at First Bite
Now you can eat like the characters in the hit book and movie series — well, at least the ones who do eat. This unofficial Twilight cookbook offers easy, medium and hard skill level recipes so cooks of all ages can create gastronomical creations like Harry’s Famous Fish Fry, Wolf Pack Waffles and Edward’s Cornflake Chicken

Skinny Cargo
Tired of the skinny jean trends? Then you’re in luck — now it’s skinny cargo. Instead of having to worry about two pockets adding bulk to your frame, now there are multiple pockets to contend with. Luckily, this lightweight fabric will offer a cool alternative to that hefty denim. For a cool breeze, unzip the pant leg for some breathing room.

Morrissey, Soothsayer?

Did the former Smith’s member predict the death of Princess Diana? Well, one person with a lot of time on his hands thinks so. This YouTube video lays out the interesting connection between the singer, the princess and music. Is it true? Who knows.