Candace Bushnell

Candace Bushnell has more tales of sex and the city, if not Sex And The City. The best-selling author is set to write two more novels, The Associated Press reports. Grand Central Publishing said Wednesday the first is about a romantic triangle and is coming out in 2012. It’ll be titled The Two Mrs. Stones.

It seems Canadian male singers are crowd-control hazards. Justin Beiber was causing commotions during his recent trips down under, and now Drake is doing the same. A recent New York City free concert by the rapper had to be cancelled after twice as many people than expected showed up.

Janelle Monae
We’re really digging Janelle Monae’s whole aesthetic and vibe. The Atlanta-based artist — and OutKast protégée — released her highly anticipated debut, The ArchAndroid, last month to critical raves. Check out the Youtube video she released, introducing fans to Metropolis, the futuristic world that occupies her album.

Father’s Day
Still haven’t found that perfect gift for dad — or just forget about the holiday altogether? Check out Sears’ Retreat solid colour jacquard camp shirt ($29.99) as a possibility. It’s great for an afternoon at the beach, pool or golf course, and stylish enough for a trip to the office.

The venerable business-minded board game is celebrating its 75th anniversary by releasing a Canadian edition. On Tuesday, the company will reveal what 22 Canadian cities will be featured in the new version of the game. Bye bye Baltic Ave.

The Green Zone
Matt Damon’s turn as a chief warrant officer who discovers that overt and faulty intelligence causes a U.S. Army officer to go rogue hits store shelves next Tuesday.

Absolut Berry Açai
Summer is here, and this new concoction from the vodka company — its 11th flavour — combines blueberry, pomegranate and the taste of that new “it” superfood, açai, for an interesting and refreshing taste.