Metro's 7th Heaven: March 5 - 7

Metro taps what’s hot right now

Solar by Ian McEwan

In his latest work, the Booker Prize-winning author finds some uncharacteristic comic relief in the serious subject of climate change. The novel revolves around a philandering physicist who by a remarkable turn of events gets to salvage both his own life and the world.

82nd Annual Academy Awards
This year’s Academy Awards is shaping up to be a battle between James Cameron’s Avatar and Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker. The whole producer-email affair is not helping the indie film’s cause but the backstage drama will make for a nailbiting show. The Oscars airs Sunday on CTV at 8 p.m. E.T.

Plastic Beach: Gorillaz
Damon Albarn may be a Blur to most North Americans, but his cartoon alter-egos have been making mega hits this side of the Atlantic over the past decade. The animated band returns with its third album — an irreverent meditation on our environmental follies. Lead single Stylo, with a video featuring Bruce Willis, is already a web smash. Rest of the album sounds great too.

Alice in Wonderland
Feed your head (and imagination) this week with Hollywood oddball Tim Burton’s version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. Alice is a sprightly teen in this 3-D take and, as we all know by now, Johnny Depp plays The Mad Hatter. Avoid the call of the rabbit hole on your own peril.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
A young, illiterate and obese black girl’s harrowing journey through abusive home life has picked up plenty of awards and accolades over the last few months. Gabourey Sidibe is spectacular as the titular teen but the much-maligned Mo’nique is a revelation as her mom from hell. Expect an Oscar for her on Sunday.

This Too Shall Pass: OK Go
Here they go again. After breaking into the world of viral videos and music four years ago, the Chicago-based band is back with another piece of catchy tune-and-filmmaking. This time, they hired engineers to build a huge Rube Goldberg machine whose continuous action syncs with the song. Watch it at

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
More wars, more weapons, more shootouts. If you like to charge down enemy lines in a blaze of glory, this new Xbox title puts you in good company.

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