Nooka belts
The company may be well known for its vinyl skins for laptops and music players, but Nooka has come up with a line of strip belts. These colourful creations feature an innovative snap and release closure system, allowing each wearer to adjust it to their exact waist size.

Going Gaga
It seems Lady Gaga’s music is good for any occasion — just take a look at You Tube. Among the best are a sixth grader singing Paparazzi to a gaggle of girls at a school concert, and a flash mob in San Francisco that re-interpreted Bad Romance to urge people to boycott hotels where workers are fighting to win a new contract and health care.

Finger in the Nose
Just because your kid is tot-sized doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a fashionista at heart. This French clothing line will give any kid attitude with clothes mom or dad would want to borrow. The company’s e-store is still under construction, but does provide information on how to purchase its rock ‘n’ roll-inspired items.

True Blood bling
The Simmons Jewelry Co. is celebrating the return of vampire-based romance and intrigue with a collection of silver trinkets inspired by True Blood. The collection includes the obligatory crosses, but also star- and skull-shaped charms, bracelets and rings. True Blood season three returns June 13.

Star Wars Tom Tom

Next time you are lost in traffic, or just trying to find your way to the nearest comic book store, your guide could be Darth Vader. The Star Wars character’s voice is now being used by Tom Tom in its navigation system. Not sure about turning to the Dark Side? The company plans to introduce a Yoda voice in July, Han Solo in August, and C-3PO later on.

One team, one country, and now on DVD. Clint Eastwood’s latest film chronicles the true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team to help unite the country. Invictus hits stores on Tuesday.

Come Dine With Me
The hit British TV show — which airs on W Network — is getting the Canuck treatment. It was announced this week that a Canadian version of the show, which searches for the best dinner host by having five people take turns creating three course meals, will begin shooting in Toronto later this year.

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