Bret Michaels
It looks like the Poison frontman is set to go from the emergency room to the boardroom. Michaels, who suffered a brain hemorrhage last month, will appear on next week’s live finale of The Celebrity Apprentice — and there is a good chance Donald Trump may announce “You’re hired.”

Balmshell Lip Gloss
Pucker, pout, pull faces. Whatever you do, punch up your lip-smacking power with one of Balmshell's 10 sensuous shades of lip-gloss. Canadian made, paraben-free and stuffed with jojoba oil, each colour has its own girly floating illustration built right into the tube, turning touch up time into play time.

True Blood Season 2
It will be a fang-tastical day on Tuesday when the second season of the hit HBO show debuts on DVD. Season Two is currently airing on Space, but that’s no reason to avoid buying the box set and skipping ahead to find out the fate of Sookie Stackhouse and the rest of the residents of Bon Temps.

iPhone Remotes
Is there anything an iPhone can’t do? Apparantly not. With a handy pug-in accessory you can now turn your favourite gizmo into a universal remote, allowing you to surf channels with a single touch.

Stratford, Ont.
Looks like Stratford, Ont., is the place for parents and their kids this summer. While mom and dad take in the annual theatre festival, their tweens can head out on a Justin Bieder-inspired tour of the town. See where he went to school, where he performed, and the Subway he liked to hang at. Visit

Xavier Dolan

The Quebec filmmaker kept his title of Canada’s golden boy of cinema, receiving positive reactions this week at Cannes for his sophomore film, Heartbeats. Last year, Dolan’s debut I Killed my Mother was a smash hit at the film festival.

Victoria Day
Sure, technically summer doesn’t hit until June 21, but this weekend marks Canada’s psychological arrival of the season. It’s a long weekend name for the longest reigning female monarch in world history — how can that not deserve a trip to the cottage and a “cold one” to celebrate.