George Re-cut
Julia Louis-Dreyfus may have gotten a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame — typo and all — but it’s Jason Alexander’s character, George Costanza, who is getting the attention these days thanks to this You Tube hit. The trailer re-arranges the neurotic Seinfeld character’s scenes into a dramatic movie trailer.

Jack Daniels
No more having to mix your own JD and cola; the granddaddy of Tennessee whiskey has created a line of ready-to-drink cocktails — Jack & Cola, Jack & Lemonade, and Jack & Iced Tea.

Big Book of BBQ
With most of the country finally in the grip of spring, the smell of BBQ-ing is again wafting its way through Canadian neighbourhoods — making it the perfect time to pick up this collection from the editors of Southern Living. Not only does it contain recipes, but also a list of the best ’Q locations in the U.S.

In time for Cinco De Mayo, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez extended his fake trailer, which appeared as part of his 2007 Grindhouse collaboration with Quentin Tarantino. The trailer stars an impressive list of celebrities, including Cheech Marin, Con Johnson, Jessica Alba, Steven Segal and Robert De Niro.

Other People’s Rejection Letters
Those with a voyeuristic bent will love this book, a look at the letters people have received ending their relationships, having job offers turned down, and even killing their careers.

Next Star
Think your kid has what it takes — or maybe you’ve just dreamed of being a stage parent? YTV is on the search for Canada’s next singing sensation. Adamo Ruggiero of Degrassi: The Next Generation is once again hosting the talent search. Visit for more information on the audition process, rules and procedures.

Virtual New York City
Can’t make it to the Big Apple anytime soon? Check out PixelCase’s aerial 360-degree tours of Manhattan, where you can explore 6th Avenue, Times Square and other famous landmarks from above.

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