The first season of the gladiator epic Spartacus: Blood and Sand is available on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday. The show — which features scantily-clad men and women — has been a critical fav since it premiered in January. The complete collection isn’t spartan, featuring hours of bonus material.

The Playbook

Look out ladies: Author Matt Kuhn and How I Met Your Mother lothario Barney Stinson — played by Neil Patrick Harris — have teamed up for a step-by-step guide to picking up the ladies. Their advice includes every scam, hustle and hoodwink seen — and yet to be seen — on the popular TV show.

American Vampire

You knew it would only take a matter of time, and it’s happened. Stephen King has jumped on the bloodsucker bandwagon with the graphic novel American Vampire. While his books have been turned into graphic novels before, this is the first time to king of horror has written one himself.


What are you most grateful for: Not stepping in the puddle this morning? Maybe that great gal or guy in your life? In the new book On Gratitude, celebrities reveal what they are most grateful for in life. Some are serious, others, like Ricky Gervais being grateful for pajamas, are ridiculous.


Spend a lot of time in airports? Then, you have something in common with Alan de Botton. He was invited by the owners of Heathrow to spend time wandering around their airport. The result is a small tome about the people he met, and the people who work in the airline industry.


Summer may be inching to its end, but that is no reason the entertaining needs to stop. James Waller’s Drinkology: The Art and Science of the Cocktail has been updated with 40 new recipes. So whether you want a Cosmo or a Gimlet, there is a recipe for you — along with interesting tips and advice.

Michael Grimm

Mississippi native Michael Grimm took home the America’s Got Talent title this week. The crooner — who lost everything during Hurricane Katrina and was almost disqualified earlier in the season when he went over the time limit — received a $1 million US prize and a Vegas show.