Modern Family
This comedy romp has been causing chuckles on the small screen for the last few months, and the Emmy Awards took notice, honouring the series with a number of awards, including best comedy, an acting award and best writing.


What the Buddha Never Taught
Tim Ward’s book about his experiences leaving Canada and travelling on a six-year journey to the abbeys of Southeast Asia to join Buddhist monks is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new edition. The book is full of colourful characters, buzzing mosquitoes, humour and insight.

Roots Tuff Skin
Now your iPhone can get the iconic Canadian treatment — and protection — it deserves. Roots has teamed up with Tuff Skin to produce a rubber case and carrying holster that proudly features a maple leaf. The case is made out of a silicon rubber and is designed for easy gripping.

Score: A?Hockey Musical
Looks like everyone wants to score this fall. The movie-musical, which stars a bevy of well-known Canucks — Nelly Furtado, hockey dad Walter Gretzky — and Olivia Newton John, is opening five film festivals across the country, including those in Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary.


Awesome Things
Stopping to smell the roses is so clichéd. Instead, head to this award-winning blog by Neil Pasricha. Among the little things in life you should remember? Being able to pass off your own fart as your dog’s, and taking off plastic wrap without getting it stuck to itself.

The Vampire Diaries
The first season of Vampire Diaries — that brooding show full of bloodlust and romance — is now available on DVD. Watch vamp-bros Stefan and Damon battle it out in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, VA. The Blu-ray and DVD includes eight hours of bonus features, including four featurettes.

You can now take home this movie featuring Will Forte’s handy SNL character. Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillipe are along for the ride as MacGruber is called out of retirement to take down his archenemy.