Up/In The Loop
Make it a double bill next week. Both are colourful comedies on the surface — Up about a widower making the trip of his life in a balloon-propelled house, In The Loop about the bumbling idiocy of Anglo-American politics. But shades of black creep into the animated adventure — a new high point for Pixar. And Loop maybe the darkest satire of the year. Get ready for the laughs to stick in your throat.

Mad Men Season Finale
Will Don and Betty Draper get a divorce? Will Peggy finally leave Sterling Cooper? Will Pete Campbell go back to work? Will they solve the Kennedy assassination? Too many questions (OK, we all know the answer to the last one). One episode. You know what to do.

New Super Mario Bros. (Wii)
Rock Mario old school. The new title is a throwback to the ’80s arcade classics that made jumping, stomping baddies and collecting mushrooms such a cool thing. Nintendo has also listened to what fans have been clamouring for decades — four people can now play on-screen at the same time.

Fido Film Awards
Four-legged screen stars are vying for these awards, billed as the canine equivalent of the Oscars. Nominees include the animated dog stars of Bolt and Up, and the titular mutt in Marley and Me, among others. The winners will be chosen by a panel of British film critics and announced at the end of this month in London.

Ford County: John Grisham
A collection of short stories is commercial suicide for most writers. Not so for the bestselling author of legal thrillers. Grisham’s imagined vignettes of small-town attorneys and their clients have started a publishing price war. Both Wal-Mart and Amazon are offering competing deals for pre-orders. And with Christmas around the corner, it will surely make its way to millions of gift lists.

Lego Movies
Got a creative block? Turn to Lego. Films made from the kiddie favourite are all the rage on YouTube these days. There’s Lego Star Wars, The Lego Ultimatum (with a smashing action sequence from the Bourne Series) … the list goes on. Most impressive of them all is a re-imagined trailer for The Dark Night.

Phrazes for The Young: Julian Casablancas
Most of his band buddies have done it. Now it’s his turn. The Strokes’ front man’s debut solo effort maybe a mixed bag, but it’s next the best thing to having a full-fledged album from the New York hipsters. And if this effort is any indicator, expect some synth-gospel in the next Strokes release.