Under the Dome: Stephen King
The master of horror weaves political allegory into his latest offering — a whopping 1,072-page rewrite of a novel King attempted to pen twice in the ’70s and ’80s. This time, the thrills are set in Chester’s Mill, Maine, which suddenly finds itself surrounded by an invisible but impermeable barrier.

Pirate Radio
When the British government stole rock ‘n’ roll from ’60s kids by banning songs on radio, renegade DJs on floating vessels snatched it right back by airing the music on contraband stations. Richard Curtis’ new comedy tells the story of these offshore AM firebrands. On board: Phillip Seymour Hoffman (remember his turn as rock journalist Lester Bangs in Almost Famous?), Bill Nighy and a riotous soundtrack. You can’t sink this.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Any war game would be a fitting release during Remembrance Week. But it’s even more apt since Modern Warfare 2 immerses gamers into a detailed, exhilarating world of combat that doesn’t hide its horrors. Already a massive hit in its work of release, the title has also generated some controversy around a scene where the chief character goes undercover as a terrorist and kills civilians.

Star Trek
There have been bigger moneymakers this summer, but none deserved more popcorn-munching than this franchise reboot. The casting was bang-on, the script was intelligent — heck, even Leonard Nimoy was back. But will it deliver on the small screen? You be the judge.

Them Crooked Vultures: Them Crooked Vultures
This might just be a “fun” project for those involved but to the rock fan, they are the Supergroup of the Year. The Vultures comprise Dave Grohl (of The Foo Fighters), Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) and — hold your breath — former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Monster riffs and snaking grooves are headed your way.

The Prisoner

Roll over HBO. AMC is ready to take over the world of cable channels. Hot on the heels of the Mad Men season finale comes this three-part series — a re-imagining of the ’60s classic. Critics can’t seem to find enough praise for the drama, starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen. The Prisoner airs Sunday through Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST

Linden MacIntyre
The CBC journalist won Canada’s top literary prize this week for his second novel The Bishop’s Man. MacIntyre, who is best known for his work with the The Fifth Estate, beat out Kim Echlin, Annabel Lyon, Colin McAdam and Anne Michaels to take home the $50,000 Giller Prize.