Inglourious Basterds
Quentin Tarantino’s gloriously irreverent Second World War epic ups the ante on everything you love about movies — action, drama, suspense, humour, plain badassery, it’s all here. And, for the record, it’s not Pitt’s film. It belongs to one German dude called Christophe Waltz.

When it comes to consistency in Hollywood, Clint Eastwood is as reliable as it gets. In his latest offering, about a game of rugby that united a post-apartheid South Africa, the director seems to have a winner once again. Matt Damon stars but all the buzz is around Morgan Freeman, who plays Nelson Mandela. Mr. Oscar’s taking notes.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Belle de jour? You betcha! French pop icon Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter made waves earlier this year for her shocking role in Antichrist. Now, she’s released a hypnotic new album called IRM (MRI in French) in collaboration with Beck.

The Onion Presents Our Front Pages: 1988-2008
One of the world’s funniest “newspapers” compiles its finest cover pages. Sample headlines: Canada signs non-aggression pact with the United States (1990); New Starbucks opens in rest room of existing Starbucks (1998). Enough said.

Touch Pets: Dogs
Get your fingertips wagging with a cuddly canine of your choice with this social game. The app uses uses an energy system. You collect puppy bucks for participating in training exercises, “career” advancement and more.

The second-season opener of Elvis Costello’s music show is quite the spectacle. He has locked in Bono and The Edge for the episode, who perform several U2 hits. Spectacle airs Friday on CTV. Check local listings for times.

Dexter Season 4 Finale
Kudos to John Lithgow (and the writers) for adding some fresh dramatic blood to this crime series. If the last few episodes are any indication, the finale will be one big nail biter. Season 4’s episode 12 airs Sunday.