The one-button, keyboard-free slab of pure cool is being billed as a cross between a laptop and a smartphone, offering the best of both worlds. Apple says the gadget will go on sale in 60 days but no word from Canadian data carriers yet.

52nd Grammy Awards
This year, the women rule. Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Taylor Swift hold 23 nominations among them. Our money is on Swift, who has dominated the charts for two straight years with her country-tinged hits, but then Kanye West might have other plans. It airs Sunday on Global and CBS.

Lost season premiere
The super-twisty secrets of the crash-survivors saga will be revealed when the ABC series returns for one last time. The creators have promised Season 6 will be it, the dizzying flashbacks will be kept to a minimum and there will be plenty of bombshells. Premieres Tuesday on CTV.

Rebirth: Lil Wayne
Give Weezy a bluegrass tune and he’ll Auto-Tune it to kingdom come. Thankfully, the rapper just sticks to good ol’ rock in his much-anticipated, frequently delayed follow-up to the triple-platinum Tha Carter III. One word of caution — although the Feb. 2 release date is pretty much set in stone, don’t be surprised if Wayne presses the “pause” button once again.

Mass Effect 2
Bioware Edmonton and Montreal joined forces to deliver this sequel to the popular action role-playing game. The news sounds good so far for this sci-fi shooter — nearly 100,000 people were playing it online within hours of the game’s release this week. Gaming pundits also predict that the current title will easily reach the million-selling heights of the first instalment.

Bright Star
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you could always set up a date with Hollywood romantic kitsch — both The Time Traveler’s Wife and Love Happens will be released next week. Or you can curl up with Jane Campion’s masterful Bright Star, which chronicles the doomed affair between Romantic poet John Keats and his muse, Fanny Brawne.

Our Man In Tehran: Robert Wright

Iran’s trouble with the West, or the U.S. to be more specific, is not new. It started when Iranian students barged into the American Embassy in 1979 and took 54 hostages. Canadian professor Richard Wright goes right into the heart of the political intrigue and the role former Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, played in the release of several captives. This is history as gripping as any spy novel.