Every year, we poll our readers about their attitudes toward sex, and the results provide a peephole into their deepest, darkest desires. But this year’s was the first survey deemed, in some Metro countries, too hot to run. Why? We got dirty. We asked about masturbation. We asked about infidelity. We asked about — never Google this —bukkake. Here’s what we learned.

How often you're aroused

Forty per cent of our female readers admit they’re “aroused” every few days, with “weekly” and “a few times a day” coming in second with 17 per cent. Men, perhaps unsurprisingly, felt a little differently. Most men (54 per cent) are aroused a few times a day, especially Mexican men, 75 per cent of whom are regularly turned on.

How often you have sex

It takes two to make a thing go right, so it’s not surprising male and female answers lined up here. The overwhelming answer was weekly, with 47 per cent (women) and 49 per cent (men) reporting a once-a-week roll in the hay. Eleven per cent of women and eight per cent of men admitted it’s “been years” since they had sex. Six and four per cent were virgins.

How often your masturbate

Ladies, the romantic news is 18 per cent of men claim they think about their current partner when they beat the bishop. That said, 11 per cent think about multiple partners and another 11 per cent about past lovers, while 10 per cent dream of porn stars. At least you have a good chance of coming up in rotation: A strong 20 per cent say they do it every day.


As for women, only five per cent masturbate every day. Weekly (27 per cent) was more common, but overall, ya’ll do it a lot less: Monthly (19 per cent), a few times a year (18 per cent) and “it’s been years since I tried” (17 per cent).

Would you cheat?

Or more correctly, we asked: “If you were married, and could cheat without getting caught, would you?” An outraged 57 per cent of men said “no way!” But wives may still want to tighten that leash: 33 per cent said “yes!” Meanwhile, 75 per cent of women overall said they’d never cheat, with only 18 per cent saying they would. They might want to reconsider when they see how forgiving men are….

Would you forgive?

Surprisingly, most men would take back their cheating wives — but women would tell their men to get stepping. A resounding 56 per cent of women said they could not get back together with their cheating partner, with Swedish women (70 per cent) the most adamant. Only 35 per cent of women overall said they would reunite.

Men were more forgiving, with 48 per cent agreeing to take their cheating partner back. The French men were particularly forgiving, as were Hungarians. In unrelated news, we are moving to Hungary.

Take home someone you find unattractive

Have you ever had sex with someone you found unattractive just because? Eighty-six per cent of women in the Netherlands said no. And what about the Sex and the City-fied United States? Only 26 per cent of women have done this. Their male counterparts have lower standards: 53 per cent of them have had sex with someone they didn’t like, in line most of our other countries (except Denmark). Some things are universal.

Your boss probably wants your body

It’s finally time to confirm something women have thought forever: the “sexy” girls in the office are treated differently. Fifty-one per cent of women feel this way (especially in France, Hungary, Mexico). Although in Denmark, a large majority (42 per cent) disagreed, saying men think of them as “people,” not women.

So what say you, men? We asked if they sexualize the women they work with. Forty-one per cent said they try really hard to think of them as people. Yet 25 per cent said: “Of course, I can’t help it” and 28 per cent said they sexualize only the “super hot” ones.

Legalizing prostitution

We asked: “If a man pays for sex with someone who looks like they’re OK with offering it, should that be illegal?”

It’s a tricky question, because it’s hard to know if someone’s OK with selling their body—or are being forced to do it. But that didn’t stop people from answering.

Both women (62 per cent) and men (73 per cent) said it should be allowed. The most enthusiastic were Russian men, but the majority of every country’s men voted for it. And the most disparate answer came from Sweden: 48 per cent of women said it should be illegal while 69 per cent of men disagreed.

Dealing with cheaters

Metro asked couples mediator and author of Fight Less, Love More, Laurie Puhn, on how we deal with infidelity.

Our poll showed many men would take back a cheating woman, but women would kick a cheating man out. Why do you think men were more forgiving?

Because they are more likely to cheat, as research has shown. They are therefore going to be more understanding if their partner cheats. They know how it can happen. They are familiar with the instinct of desiring the unknown woman down the hall.

Are men possibly more emotionally dependant than women?

Not necessarily. Women initiate two-thirds of divorces in the United States. They are more willing to try their luck with another guy than men are with new women. More men would rather not go through the whole process of developing another serious relationship, and potentially having more children or stepchildren. Just the idea of all that effort is more exhausting than staying in a less-than-perfect marriage.

So they’re just desperate to hold on to someone, because it’s hard to meet women?

Men are more desperate to hold on to their women because they know that all women take work. The attitude is, why leave one woman for another who will also eventually require tremendous effort?

Often, when someone learns of an infidelity, they ask,“Did you sleep with them?” Why does sex carry such weight?

Men care more about the line between hooking up and having sex because not sleeping with someone (when you have the option) requires restraint. Women don’t care about that line. If a husband spends a night talking and making out with a woman (but no sex), that is just as bad as having sex.

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