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Metro Snapshot: April 1, 2008

Controversy in Quebec, Green Zone attacks in Baghdad, allegations of electoral fraud in Zimbabwe, lost treasure being sold in Dallas, and a lost love child in celebrityville. To find out what you need to know today, <a href="calgary/metrosnapshot/article/34285">read the Metro Snapshot</a>.

The set of the Junos was under construction at the Saddledome, and a downtown health centre finished construction just in time to open today. You can now receive traffic updates from the city as text messages.

Stephane Dion was under rhetorical fire in Quebec for some controversial moves in a cabinet shuffle, and the Baghdad Green Zone was under attack again. Sealers "limped back to port" after a tragic start to the season, and election results slowly trickled out of Zimbabwe.

A man was selling lost treasure he found as a child, Madonna was bullied as a child, and Heath Ledger was rumoured to have a love child. Lisi Tesher says communication is important, and that money is the main cause of most arguments.

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