Metro Snapshot: April 1, 2008

Controversy in Quebec, Green Zone attacks in Baghdad, allegations of electoral fraud in Zimbabwe, lost treasure being sold in Dallas, and a lost love child in celebrityville. To find out what you need to know today, <a href="edmonton/metrosnapshot/article/34287">read the Metro Snapshot</a>.

A new president was appointed for A. D. Williams Engineering yesterday after senior executives were killed in a plane crash, one accused killer had admitted to killing someone according to a witness, and another had their trial moved.


Stephane Dion was under rhetorical fire in Quebec for some controversial moves in a cabinet shuffle, and the Baghdad Green Zone was under attack again. Sealers "limped back to port" after a tragic start to the season, and election results slowly trickled out of Zimbabwe.


A man was selling lost treasure he found as a child, Madonna was bullied as a child, and Heath Ledger was rumoured to have a love child. Lisi Tesher says communication is important, and that money is the main cause of most arguments.

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