Sweeping immigration reforms passed their first hurdle in the House of Commons, but will face further tests in the spring. Parliament passed its first animal cruelty bill in over a decade in the face of opposition from animal welfare groups that say it didn't go far enough. Gun owners were refunded more than $21 million and given amnesty to continue to violate the letter of the law. More children were getting cancer, but those with cancer were surviving longer.

In what's being described as a "well choreographed fake-out," officials rerouted the Olympic torch to avoid a large crowds in San Francisco. France abandoned a mission to free hostage Ingrid Betancourt in Columbia, while a complaint of Princess Diana's former butler led to a perjury investigation in Brittan. In the United States, Chelsea Clinton repeatedly refused to answer questions about Monica Lewinsky, saying "I don't think you should vote for or against my mother because of my father." American Airlines cancelled nearly half of its flights, and Bell Canada considered broadcasting free HDTV.

The band reunion which has now come to pass was ultimately inevitable say Stone Temple Pilots, as likely was the drafting of Mike Myers to host the MTV Movie Awards. Perez Hilton got his own radio show, Elvis fans got new photos of The King, and Beyoncé Knowles was rumoured to have gotten pregnant.

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