The federal government is not convinced that the sale of MDA—which would see Canadian taxpayer-subsidized satellite and robotics technology (including the Canadarm) fall under the control of a US defence contractor—"is likely to be of net benefit to Canada." Oscar nominee Sarah Polley tried to convince the Senate that the government is engaging in censorship of the arts, and public consultations will help convince the government of Ontario if they should do away with using the Lord's Prayer to open daily proceedings or not.

The International Olympic Committee was relieved after the torch passed through San Fransisco without major incident, and 12 days had passed since the Zimbabwean presidential election without the results being announced. The parents of a missing girl asked the European Union to set up a Europe-wide border alert system similar to Amber alert system in North America.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got engaged, Lindsay Lohan considered getting naked, Corner Gas will only get one more season, and we've got reviews of Bella, Smart People, Persepolis, Street Kings, and Chaos Theory.