Farley Mowat (the author) posted bail for the crew of Farley Mowat (the vessel), an anti-sealing group of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The group's leader promptly paid the bail in coins because he considers Canada's seizure of the Farley Mowat an act of piracy - and that's how pirates like to be paid. Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Bernier called for the removal of the governor of Kandahar province in Afghanistan, which was quickly followed by a release from his department saying that Canada "is not calling for any changes to the Afghan government." Politics was making a Canadian team's Everest climb even more difficult, and CIBC and the Bank of Canada released slightly conflicting forecasts for the strength of the Canadian economy in the face of US recession.


Billionaire Silvio Berlusconi was returned to power in Italy after two days of voting, and the Olympic torch arrived in the Middle East to promises from Oman officials of a trouble-free torch relay with a party-like atmosphere. Jurors in the UK watched a would-be-suicide video by a man charged in an alleged plot to blow up airliners heading from Britain to Canada and the United States.


A former Lonely Planet author drew into question the accuracy of the series, and the yet to be chosen next president of the United States upstaged next year's yet to be chosen Oscar nominees. J.K. Rowling testified against one of her fans, James Blunt broke his pinky finger, and Rick McGinnis really liked Juno on DVD. The Ottawa Senators were in trouble.