The man suspected of killing his three children in Merritt BC was caught after a local resident found him while walking the dog. The federal Conservatives said that Elections Canada was showing bias and partisanship for investigating whether or not they broke the law, and the Liberals gained a slight lead in a new poll, thanks largely to women voters. The loonie was back near par with a globally week American dollar.

Pope Benedict celebrated his birthday on the White House lawn with U.S. President George Bush, then later acknowledged that sex abuse by priests was handled badly by the church. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama faced off in a televised debate, and both acknowledged that the other could win the presidency. A suicide bomber struck a funeral north of Baghdad killing many, and Human Rights Watch urged Afghanistan to halt the execution of prisoners.

Paris Hilton was reportedly paid $150,000 US to make an appearance at a trendy London nightclub, then showed up late.
Mariah Carey was a guest on last night's American Idol, and the author of a Harry Potter encyclopedia—who is being sued by J. K. Rowling—cried on the witness stand. Tori Spelling was a gay icon. "I’m a huge fan of gays," Spelling explained. "They love me; I love them."

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