Eastern Canada enjoyed summer-like, sunny weather all weekend while western Canada was pummeled by snow. The search warrant used by the RCMP to raid the Conservative party's headquarters and a supporting affidavit were made public, and contained a claim by Elections Canada that "the Conservative party of Canada exceeded its election expense spending limit for the 39th federal general election...[by] more than $1 million." Canada Post claimed it was losing millions of dollars because of an increase in controversial mailouts by MPs and political parties, and a polygamist community in B.C. was reportedly praying for the children of a polygamist community in Texas. A transit strike in Toronto was avoided at the last minute.


The Pope ended his visit to the United States, and former president Jimmy Carter said that Hamas—which has called for the destruction of Israel—is willing to "live as a neighbour next door in peace." The deputy chief of the United Nations' nuclear agency arrived in Iran amid allegations of a covert nuclear weapons program. A Japanese oil tanker was fired upon by an unidentified ship, and Japan changed the route of the Olympic torch.


Britney Spears reportedly owed $400,000 in legal bills, and Madonna was set to make more than $25 million for playing just two shows. Hilliary Clinton was "thrilled" at the possibility she was related to Angelina Jolie, and Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) was planning to "write" an "autobiography."